Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two students worth knowing about

On Friday my daughter and I made our annual visit to UGA's Relay for Life, an overnight fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Two of my colleagues on the PR faculty have recently battled cancer, and my dad is currently recovering from prostate surgery, so I have personal reasons for supporting their efforts.

But this year I also had the delightful opportunity of seeing two wonderful students in action (not to mention meeting their parents, friends, and assorted relations): Kaitlyn Bagnato, executive director, and Lauren Fortner, director of public relations. I left when the two-year-old started saying, "I wanna go home," (the Hairy Dawg mascot was a bit too much) but it was hard to go -- Kaitlyn was on stage addressing the hundreds of participants, and Lauren was in a huddle with a group of photographers, no doubt making the most of her opportunity for media relations.

The event raised more than $257,000, surpassing last year's total, and these young women were two of the reasons that happened. As I did with Leigh earlier this year, I'm happy to provide excellent recommendations to anyone out there considering hiring them -- but hurry, because I've no doubt that someone will snap them up quick!

Lauren has blogged about her experiences for the last few days, but Kaitlyn -- who's also on that award-winning Bateman team -- is undoubtedly still sleeping.

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