Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A dozen things I wish PR pros would blog about

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Brogan posted a list of "100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write." I'm not that ambitious. But here's my list of a dozen things that I wish PR pros would blog about for my students (and the other 35,000 out there). Feel free to modify them to fit what you want to say. Or add to them. Or whatever else you're inspired to do.

Update: a few people have agreed to write posts. I'm adding links as they come in. In Judy's case, she'd already written the post the day before!

5 ways not to get an entry-level job in PR -- David Reich
The biggest mistake I made early in my career
What to expect the first week on a new job/internship
The cover letter pitch -- Kevin Dugan
Reasons a student should get involved in social media -- Joe Thornley with Chris Clarke
What I wish my new employee knew -- Todd Defren
5 ways to dazzle a potential employer -- Francis Moran
3 things never to say to your boss -- Lauren Vargas
How to behave in a client meeting -- Sherrilynne Starkie
Office Politics 101 -- Colin McKay
How to get promoted -- Judy Gombita on PR Conversations
If I knew then what I know now -- Donna Papacosta
Additions: E-mail etiquette
5 things all PR students should know about their choice of career -- Steven Silvers

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My former colleague Paul Bradshaw has just written some tips for his journalism students, many of which may also be of interest to yours...


Good wishes for the new term..
Thanks, Caroline, I'll check it out. As for the new term... this is our seventh week of class!
I think you've just given the Forward Podcast a to-do list.
Luke, I'll take 10% of the royalties and retain merchandising rights. :)
Karen, I'll give you 20%
Great list, Karen. I recently did a week of PD at at PR agency here in Toronto and one of the projects I completed was an e-mail etiquette guide. The agency's principals felt their junior staff (interns) really didn't "get" how to communicate via e-mail in a professional setting.
Christine, I'm adding to the list. Thanks!
Karen, while it may not contain 7 reasons why a student should get involved in social media, Chris Clarke's video interview with me on his last day at Thornley Fallis definitely makes the case for the benefits one recent graduate drew from his involvement in blogging and social media. http://tinyurl.com/yqs2hn
Joe, believe it or not I e-mailed that link to myself last night as a reminder to ask you today if you would mind if I linked to it! Thanks for cutting to the chase. :) I just deleted the 7 and added your link.
These are great. I love it. What a cool way to extend out the concept, and thanks for pointing links to the posts people wrote. If I were less lazy, I'd do that on my 100 topics post. Good idea!
Chris, it's one reason I didn't try to go with 100 ideas. ;) Thanks for your good inspirational post.

I've written up a short Office Politics 101 guide, following your suggestion.

I took on "What I Wish My New Employee Knew" ... http://www.pr-squared.com/2008/01/what_i_wish_my_new_employee_kn.html
I'm a bit late to game but still, I wrote a post on how to behave in a client meeting. Hope it helps.

Thanks, Sherrilynne! Another helpful post for students.
Looking forward to reading everyone's posts and maybe even write a few myself - should keep me busy for a while...
Hi, Karen. Our blog editor just brought this to my attention. I get an awful lot of (mainly awful) employment inquiries so I'd be happy to write about five ways to dazzle a potential employer. I'll post it our blog, www.inmedialog.com, this week.
Thanks, Ben and Francis. Will look forward to adding your links to the list. ;-)
Francis Moran wrote a post on dazzling a potential employer. You can read the post here: http://inmedialog.com/index.php/archives/five-ways-to-dazzle-a-potential-employer/
Jill, thanks for letting me know. I'll add the link right now. And thanks Francis for writing one!
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