Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The 5 best podcasts for PR students

Earlier this year I was stuck in an airport (and in an airplane) so I spent several hours listening to PR podcasts. I got hooked -- what an easy and time-efficient way to keep up with PR industry news.

Now that I've been listening for several months, I'm ready to recommend my top five picks for PR students. I listen to and enjoy several others, but these are my picks for five that focus on content of interest to students and that are accessible to newbies.

Forward Podcast (Paull Young and Luke Armour) -- consistently high-quality content geared specifically toward students and young professionals. If you only have time for one, this is a must-listen for students (and faculty, for that matter). Luke also does a live show called The Rundown that students will enjoy.

The rest:
Inside PR (Terry Fallis and Dave Jones)
New Comm Road (Bryan Person)
PRobecast (Topaz Partners)
Trafcom News (Donna Papacosta)

If you're new to podcasting, you can follow my links to download the podcasts directly from the Web sites, or you can subscribe on iTunes -- either way, they're free. I also recommend Sarah Wurrey's posts on PR Podjots, which provide updates on various PR/marketing-related podcasts, and Forward's episode 26, a tour of the PR podosphere. Happy listening!

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Wow, thanks for including PRobecast in your list, Karen! And in great company too. I guess we'll have to live up to it now...
I am outraged to be placed in the context of that lowlife Paull Young, if indeed that is his real name. Oh, wait, he's my podcast cohort. I was thinking of Paul Young the singer. My mistake.
A fantastic list and one I couldn't agree with more and not just because Forward topped the list, but because I am a regular listener to all of these podcasts (and have been since I was a student). Also, thanks for plugging The Rundown, I was wondering who might find that interesting.
Hey, students, get involved. Leave comments of value, send audio or text to these podcasters, ask questions, participate. You'll get way more out of it than by just listening, I assure you.
Doug: I'm not worried about it. :) Hope it sends a few young listeners your way.

Luke: Paul Young. Heh. Well, I'm not responsible for the company you keep. But I do hope students will follow your advice, as well as your example (excepting the Paull Young thing).
We really appreciate the endorsement Karen.

As you said, we produce the podcast particularly for students and young practitioners. We also focus on trying to create stand alone content that will be just as relevant years down the track as it is when it is published.

It's always tough to tell if the content you're producing resonates with your audience - recognition like this is a great boost.

As always, we're in your service - and more importantly your students.

And like Luke said... avoid Paul Young, he's terrible.
Thanks for sharing this list, Karen. Two questions for you:

1. Do students really listen to podcasts like this?

2. Is it okay if an old coot like me tunes in?

Andrew Careaga
Well, Paull, you're definitely meeting all of your goals and objectives. A+

Andrew, not all that many, but some... the ones you want to get to know. As for your second question, yes. Aside from Forward, they're all geared toward professionals rather than students. I've never met any of them except Paull, so they may actually be old coots themselves. ;)
Thanks for the link love, Karen. I'm delighted to see Trafcom News on your list.
Oh, about Paull Young... it's true what they say.
Donna, my love for Trafcom goes far deeper than a mere link. ;)

And, while I'm thinking of it, can someone explain how it is that Paull Young comes to dominate my comments section?!
I saw "Paull Young is God" spray-painted on my local Apple store window.

Seriously, thanks for the nod for Inside PR.

It is strange for me to be looking up to Luke Armour on the list...there's a first time for everything.
Oooo, finally someone takes on Luke instead of Paull. I'm starting to think people are jealous.

As for Inside PR, I listen faithfully every week and am happy to recommend it to one and all.
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