Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dancing for dollars

This morning my daughter and I paid a quick visit to UGA's Dance Marathon, a 24-hour round-the-clock fundraiser for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. I snapped a few pictures which didn't turn out because of the lighting (here, the color-coded teams are parading in), but you can watch the activities live here until tomorrow morning. A former student, Leigh Tenewitz, was this year's Executive Director. According to the Web site, more than 900 UGA students registered this year, and they hope to raise around $250,000.

By the way, potential employers-- Leigh is graduating in May. I can provide an excellent reference.
Addition: The students raised $302,000 compared to last year's $249,000. Our local paper's story (registration required) includes the following:
"The student-run charity used a few new strategies to boost its fundraising total by more than 20 percent this year, said Leigh Tenewitz, a UGA senior from Cairo who is the event's executive director.
"The more than 900 students who participated this year focused more of their fundraising activities in Atlanta, where most UGA students are from, she said.
"The students also pursued corporate sponsors with some success, Tenewitz said. The Billi Marcus Foundation and Waffle House each chipped in $5,000, for example."

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