Monday, March 17, 2008

The Week's Best, 17 March 2008

Customer Service Is the Conduit Through Which Direct Brand Conversations Happen (with lots of Starbucks links), Valeria Maltoni
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Comments Section a Conversation, Tiffany Monhollon
State of the News Media 2008, Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism (via Peter Himler)
A Groundswell at SXSW: How the Audience Revolted and Asserted Control, Jeremiah Owyang
Announcing (Formally) Alltop (top 40 news aggregation site), Guy Kawasaki
10 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves Before Posting, Damien Van Vroenhoven
We're All on Drugs: This Explains Everything!, Bill Sledzik
Harness the Energy of Your Team, Ben Matthews
Blog Resources for English Language and Blog Writing, Lorelle VanFossen (via Joseph Thornley)
Pitching Fits: Why News Releases Might Die, Rich
The Secret Underground Guide to Social Media for Organizations, Colin McKay

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