Monday, February 11, 2008

The Week's Best, 11 February 2008

A little Valentine's week link love:

Calling All PR Students & Educators in the South, Kaye Sweetser (Edelman Digital Bootcamp update)
Repopulating the Student PR Blog Roll, Chris Clarke
Lasting Impact: Storytelling Makes Messages Memorable, Kevin Dugan
USA Federal Court to Decide if Public Relations is Racketeering!, Toni Muzi Falconi
Small is Tall (video), via Amy Gahran
Corporate Blogs, Valeria Maltoni
How to Herd Organic Search Traffic to Your Blog, Darren Rowse
Oovoo (aka what everyone's talking about on Twitter)

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"More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given" --Bertrand Russell

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