Monday, January 14, 2008

The Week's Best, 14 January 2008

My WOM class is experimenting with Twitter this week (thanks, @kaye), so here are some Twitter-inspired stories, all located via Twitter.
How Frozen Peas Started a Movement, Washington Post (via @prprof_mv)
Social Networking in 140 Characters or Less, Robert Rhyne Armstrong (aka @Ninety7)
Twitter: How Do You Find People to Follow?, Dave Fleet (@davefleet)
Twitter is My Village, Laura Fitton (@pistachio)
The Engaging Brand podcast, Show #136 Inside the Mind of a Digital Native, Anna Farmery (via @lukearmour, starring @paullyoung)

For you Twitter haters (you know who you are), an alternative set of recommendations:
Ask Questions and Pay Attention: Keys to Good Client Service, Kelli Matthews
PRET a Reporter, Richard Bailey
The Secret Lives of Fonts, Phil Renaud (via Jill Walker Rettberg)
10 Simple Rules for Social Media Success in 2008, Chris Winfield (via Sarah Wurrey)
Exclusive: Former FEMA External Affairs Head John Pat Philbin Sets the Record Straight About "Fake" Press Conference, Kami Huyse

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