Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Using Weblogs in PR education

My refereed teaching paper on using blogs in PR education is now up on the AEJMC PR division Web site (thanks again to Kami and Constantin for reading a draft). In it I tried to identify some simple ways PR educators can use blogs for those who are new to the blogosphere.

If you're an AEJMC member just checking into my blog for the first time -- welcome! A lot has happened since I first drafted the article. The number of blogging PR educators is slowly increasing (see my blogroll); I assigned one of my Campaigns classes to create their own blogs, with mixed results; Grady hosted Connect, a PR and social media conference, very ably organized and publicized by one of my Campaigns teams, with social media coverage handled by Dr. Kaye Sweetser's social media class; and I've just started teaching a word-of-mouth communication class emphasizing social media... more on that throughout the semester.

One of my favorite parts of Connect was an educator's roundtable at the end of the conference in which we discussed ways to help PR faculty integrate social media into the curriculum. We're going to be working on that this spring and summer, so stay tuned for details-- if you're interested, leave a comment and I'll add you to my list. In the meantime, check out Kaye's post with some ways to get started.

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At Centennial College, both full-time PR faculty know the benefits of blogging. We write blogs. We also share our knowledge and enthusiasm about social media with students. But what I think is even more important: we learn along with them.
Absolutely! On the first day of my WOM class I told the students I don't know how to do a podcast, so they're going to have to work with me to figure it out. It's either that, or none of us figure it out!
Congratulations on the paper and than you for sharing a valuable resource for those of us teaching PR.

(By the way, there's a problem with your Feedburner; you've not been popping up in my reader for a while and I can't seem to reinstate you.)
Thanks, Richard -- I know about the problem with my feed but no one's been able to fix it. I'm in the process of migrating to Wordpress anyway, so I'll let everyone know when that site is up. :)
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