Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Connect team client presentation

The event planning team for Connect presented their campaign to Diane Murray (Grady public service and outreach) and Karen Andrews (Grady event planner) today. They created a very cool PowerPoint presentation that used black-and-white versions of Josh Hallett's Flickr photos for their slides, and all in all their presentation went smoothly.

Among other things, their post-conference evaluations showed:

All told, the team quite rightly concluded that they had met the conference's goals of promoting Grady as an expert in social media, teaching professionals and educators about social media, and providing networking opportunities for attendees.

After the formal presentation, I asked the students to sit down and discuss what went well and what didn't (including the fact that we were over budget by $907). We also brainstormed what we would do differently if we did it again. Will we?

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