Monday, December 03, 2007

The Week's Best, 3 December 2007

Either I had too much time on my hands or people have been saving their best stuff for the end of the year. I usually try to limit myself to 5-10 links, but this week I'm goin' crazy:

Dear Santa 2.0: My Social Media/PR Wish List, Dave Fleet
The Secret Strategies Behind Many "Viral" Videos, Dan Ackerman Greenberg (with 508 comments so far)
Mob Rule?, Mike Driehorst
Making the Sunday Sports Section, Washington Post (video, via Andy Bechtel)
Astroturfing and the American Way: A Code of Ethics for the Choir to Live By, Kami Huyse
7 Warning Signs that You're Drunk on Your Own Words, Jonathan Morrow
Social Media and Online PR -- Specialist or Not, Stuart Bruce
Don't Box Tick, Caroline Wilson
2007 Social Media Top 10 List, Dan Greenfield
PR Blogs List Update: November 2007, Constantin Basturea
10 More Blogging Tips from a Novice Blogger, Avinash Kaushik
LinkedIn for Newbies, Scott Allen
Dear PR Flack, Don't Make Us Laugh, Nicholas Carlson
Busting the 10 Most Common Social Media Myths, Lisa McNeill

Also, Dr. Kaye Sweetser's post on Target, which appeared in The Week's Best for 15 October, has finally caught some national attention, including appearing in the Minneapolis newspaper.
Target and Drillteam Media Busted for Stealth Word of Mouth, Andy Sernovitz
Target Misses on Facebook Page, Lee Aase

And, check out all of her students' Semester Projects.

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Thanks for linking to the students' projects!
No problem -- I enjoyed checking many of them out this semester. You and they have done a great job!
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