Monday, November 05, 2007

The Week's Best, 5 November 2007

Did someone say it's November? No excuses about the end of the semester's fast approach; here are some thought-provoking posts:

How to Pitch to Bloggers -- 21 Tips, Darren Rowse
Reputation Management for Digital Natives :: My Conclusions, Christi Eubanks
10 Things to Remember, Dan Santow
How to Write Kickass Twitter Posts, B.L. Ochman
A Credibility Gap, Greg Hazley
What PR People Should Know About Social Media, Brian Oberkirch (via Eric Eggertson)

In addition, Chris Anderson created a blogstorm this week with his post, Sorry PR People: You're Blocked, so I recommend reading it and responses, including:
PR and the First Amendment and Keeping Your Job, Seth Godin
Dear Chris Anderson, An Open Letter to Make Things Right, Brian Solis
Won't Anyone Think of the Phone Calls?, Chris Edwards
No Need for Media Relations, Not When You Make the Blacklist, Bill Sledzik
Scaring PR: Chris Anderson, Wired, Copywrite Ink
Things Turn Ugly in the "Hacks vs. Flacks" War, New York Times

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