Monday, October 22, 2007

The Week's Best, 22 October 2007

It's tempting to link to all the social media coverage of the Connect conference and leave it at that. ;-) But, there's lots of great reading out there this week, so tear yourself away from UGA Connect and read/watch/listen to some of these:

"A Vision of Students Today" (video) and A vision on a Vision on Students Today, Heather Yaxley
Social Media 101: Five Lessons You Can Follow from Your Desk, Kami Huyse
The Rundown with Sarah Wurrey, Luke Armour (podcast)
Textbooks: Who Needs Them?, Gary Schlee
Do's and Don'ts for Digi Natives, Stephen Davies; Crowdsourcing: DOs and DONTs of Online Reputation Management, Christi Eubanks; and Crowdsourcing: Reputation Management for Digital Natives, Paull Young
Blog Action Day, Lauren
Cat Herding Fizzled, So Hype Machine Launched Anyway, Eric Eggertson

And, okay, there are a couple of things from the conference I just can't resist pointing out:
Is Content King? (video), Kevin Dugan
UGA Connect 2007: Inspiring, Awesome, Intense, Ashley B.

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Karen - Very glad you liked the video so much.

Some follow up items that indirectly reinforce the power of visuals that might interest your students.

RSS in Plain English:

What is Digg:

Both help demystify two social media apps that contribute to the network effect (some may call it viral). And they're videos! Another plus about visuals is they have a longer shelf life I think online.

OK, HP has a site that is part ad, part resource. On it you can "build your own brand indentity" I'd say visual identity. For your non-graphically inclined students it gives them a way to create biz cards, stationery and more VERY easily.
Hey, Kevin. I have used the Common Craft videos in class but haven't seen the Digg one yet -- will check it out, along with the HP site.

Feel free to keep sending these suggestions. I'll never shush you. ;-)
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