Monday, October 22, 2007

Bateman '08

Just finished my first meeting with UGA's team for the 2008 Bateman Case Study Competition. The client this year is Chevrolet/Safe Kids Buckle Up.

The team members are: Ashley Beebe, Jarek Beem, Abby Blaylock, Audrey Califf, and Sydney Carroll.

This team has big shoes to fill. I won't be writing about them because it is, after all, a competition; but we'll be working hard. Stay tuned.

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I am so excited about Bateman this year -- the team sounds fantastic and the client sounds really great!

You know I'll be following closely!

Hi, Nikki! They read your team's recommendations today -- nodded and grinned until they got to the one about "laugh or else you will cry," then they sobered up. ;-)
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