Monday, May 21, 2007

UGA Bateman Team Victory

Presenting Molly McFerran, Anna Harrison, Nikki Kay, Kaitlyn Bagnato, and Janna Gay -- winners of the 2007 PRSSA Bateman Team Case Study Competition.

UGA's team presented to the client in New Jersey on Friday and won the competition. (This picture was taken just before their presentation.) The students and I had a great time and enjoyed meeting the team members and advisers from Cal State-Fullerton (2nd place) and Elon University (3rd place), as well as Janeen and Brent from PRSSA and representatives of the various organizations that support FC101.

I can't say enough about these young women, but then again I guess the judges have said it for me: they are the best!

Addition: here's the PRSSA news release.

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Congratulations to the team and to you, Karen! This is an awesome and well deserved achievement!!!
Awesome, congrats Bateman team!

Brian Brodrick
Jackson Spalding
Brian, hope the open house went off without a hitch, and that you got the Mountain Dew moved in a timely fashion.

Thanks to both of you -- the team was fabulous, acted like they presented to clients all the time. They did Grady proud. :)
It did, but we missed out on any Grady representation.... maybe we need to have a separate open house for you guys.

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