Monday, September 17, 2007

The Week's Best, 17 September 2007

This week, the Week's Best features some top-flight posts from some of the presenters who'll be speaking at Connect., Grady's PR and social media conference. If you needed any encouragement to register, reading a few of these oughtta do it:

Ready to Pitch a Blog? Take This Quiz First, Kevin Dugan
Young PR's-- Know Your Place, Paull Young
I'm Shocked, Shocked to Learn that Marketing and Finance See Metrics Differently, Katie Paine
Rules for Contacting Bloggers, Kaye Sweetser
Corporate Social Media: The Corporation's Dependence on Individuals, Part One and The Individual's Dependence on the Corporation, Part Two, Josh Hallett
NewPRBlogs, Twitter updates on new blogs, Constantin Basturea
Memory and Mismemory, Barry Hollander
What Honey Bees Have in Common with RSS and Tags, Sherry Heyl
Some Surge Thoughts, Jonathan McGinty

Of course, they aren't the only ones sharing great content. Check these out:
Microsoft's Blog Filter, Peter Himler
A Time for Learning, Chris Clarke
Case Studies: Social Media Done Right, Kami Huyse
PR Firm Hill & Knowlton editing Wikis (via Wikiscanner), Gerry McCusker
New Influencer Study, John Cass

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"More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given" --Bertrand Russell

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