Thursday, September 06, 2007

The 5 best blogs for PR students

I've been posting "The Week's Best for PR Students" for 6 months now and keeping track of who's appeared each week. Based on that, I've selected five blogs that consistently post information useful to PR students. If you're a newbie, get yourself an RSS aggregator and subscribe to these blogs:

Common Sense PR, Eric Eggertson
Communication Overtones, Kami Huyse
Word Wise, Dan Santow
Scatterbox, Steven Silvers
Greenbanana Views of Public Relations and More, Heather Yaxley

I'm also awarding two honorable mentions-- I linked to these guys three times each, despite having only relatively recently started following them:

Young PR, Paull Young
PR Blogger, Stephen Davies

Of course there are many other blogs that I read and enjoy, but these are all great picks for students.

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Thanks for the mention, Karen! It's good to know I'm not just writing for myself (though I'd still do that, but probably spend less time editing).

I agree with your recent comment about blogrolls. I still find them useful for finding writers I don't know about, or haven't read recently.

Which reminds me, my blogroll is woefully untended...
No problem, Eric, I enjoy reading your blog and think students would benefit from it.

As for blogrolls, now that I'm on the record I'm going to have to keep up with mine!
Hey, I like my interview series. ;)

I find it very important to reply to students when they email me, sometimes spending hours on the phone with them for their class projects. It's an obligation that some PR bloggers don't get.
Jeremy, actually that MC Hammer photo alone should've gotten you a mention. Keep it up and you'll make the Top Ten after the next six months. ;-)
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