Monday, August 20, 2007

The Week's Best for PR Students, 20 August 2007

Great stuff floating around the blogosphere for students (and other newbies) this week. Check these out:

The Spin War to Protect China's Brand, Eric Eggertson
Our Social Media News Release Video, Stephen Davies (3.5-minute video that explains SMRs)
Newbies Guide to Twitter, Chris Brogan (via B.L. Ochman)
Building a Bridge Between Your Story, Bloggers, and People -- Part I, Brian Solis
Editing Wikis and Facebook-- the New PR Disasters-in-Waiting, Gerry McCusker
Digest of the Social Networking Space, Jeremiah Owyang
Johnson and Johnson Suit Against the Red Cross, John Cass

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for the link. :-)
Hey Stephen, keep up the great work and I'll continue telling people about it. :-)
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