Monday, July 23, 2007

The Week's Best, 23 July 2007

Blog Comments Can Build Your Personal Brand, Krishna De
Corporate Blogging 101: 10 Easy Steps to Get a Corporate Blog Up and Running, Mario Sundar
(via Chris Thilk)
The Transparent Generation Goes to College, Maybe: Schools Conduct Online Background Checks to Decide Student Applications, Steven Silvers
Now That You're Graduated... Which Social Network Tool Should You Use?, Kelli Matthews
Sock Puppets Never Prosper--Whole Foods and "Rehodeb", Paull Young
PRobecast #25, Doug Haslam, Rob Capra, Sandy Kalik (via Sarah Wurrey)

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Thanks for the link. See you on Twitter :)
Kelli - thank you for including me in your list of featured articles.
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