Monday, March 19, 2007

The Week's Best for PR Students, 19 March 2007

Some great stuff out there this week-- it was hard to choose just a few. Enjoy!

101 Great Posting Ideas, Philip Liu
Arab Blogging, Kaye Sweetser
When Working, Don't Blog Unless Instructed to Do So!, J.L.C.
Is (Red) "Brand" Marketing Really Doing Any Good?, Heather Yaxley
What the PR Students are Saying about Crisis Communication, Eric Eggerston
4 Ways to Successfully Re-Post Others' Content, Mehdi Bagherian /Simin Babazadegan
"Soon Be 7" (Harry Potter), Peter Himler

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Thank you for the link - I write obsessively about public relations, so hope many of your readers visit my blog:
No problem-- I like your stuff and think students will, too! Which reminds me that I need to add you to my blog roll. :)
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