Monday, March 05, 2007

The inaugural Week's Best for PR students

For the past few weeks I've been sending a collection of links to my blogging students -- inspiration for their next posts. But I've also been encouraging them to come up with a creative post with original content to drive traffic to their blogs. One of my suggestions was a "top 10"-type list-- and it occurred to me that my links for students qualify.

So, in the spirit of never asking someone else to do something I wouldn't do myself, here's my inaugural "Week's Best" for PR students:

We're All Taught to Lie, Aren't We?, Leo Bottary
Personal Finance 101: Credit Scores, The Simple Dollar
It's All About Me, Young People Say, John Wagner
Case Study: Sea World Uses Video, Kami Huyse
Can Starbucks Tell One Story 13,000 Times?, Kevin Dugan
Blog Post Length Anomoly, Josh Hallett

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Karen: Thanks for the link to Strategic Public Relations and congratulations on this project.

Your students will benefit from the exposure you're giving them to social media.
No problem--just be kind if they comment on your blog. ;)
Great idea, Karen -- and thanks for sharing. Fortunately for PR students, there is an astounding number of PR blogs out there that provide fodder for comment.
So far the response has been good, and you're right, Gary, the hard part is picking which items to include from the many great choices.
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