Thursday, April 10, 2008

Comments about comments

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I promised my WOM class students a post on "commenting" -- how to write good comments, how to get good comments on a blog. It's long overdue, but here goes:

Writing comments on a blog post

Recommended reading: 5 Comments No Serious Blogger Should Ever Post, Tiffany Monhollon; Geek to Live: Lifehacker's Guide to Weblog Comments, Gina Trapani

Inspiring comments on your own blog

Recommended reading: 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog, Darren Rowse; 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Comments Section a Conversation, Tiffany Monhollon; Want More Comments on Your Blog?, Mack Collier

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I'm glad you posted this. I was just trying to think of ways to get people more involved with my blog. I want to hear their thoughts, not just voice my own.

Rachel, you're not alone because this is probably the most common blogging question I get from students. Glad it helped!
Do many of the current PR students have their own blogs now? I would love to see some of them, and would think that many of the recent PR grads would be happy to comment on them - of course, if they are relevant to PR or are asking questions about the "real world."
Lia, quite a few do. I was trying to keep up with them on my blog roll, but they come and go really quickly -- once they get a job they don't seem to have time to blog. But, if you go to the New PR Wiki (also on my blog roll) there's a Teaching Social Media section with current classes that have links to student blogs.
When did you make the switch to typepad? Is it better?

I am a little fed up myself with

I have also noticed that feedburner has its' share of "errors", have you encountered this?

What are your suggestions?
Hi, Kristina! I switched to Typepad because I "outgrew" Blogger and don't have the time or patience to learn everything you need to know to use Wordpress. I like it very much, even though I have to pay for it, EXCEPT for one thing -- it doesn't have a search function. Or, I haven't found it yet. ;)

As for Feedburner, lots of problems. Last weekend my subscribers dropped by half, then back up the next day. But it does give a general idea of which pages are most popular, etc.
These are great suggestions. The blogosphere works because of people conversing with one another. It's too bad so many people are abusing the system to get backlinks to their own sites.

Comments should be informative and advance the discussion.
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