Monday, March 03, 2008

UGAEDB08: Edelman Digital Bootcamp

Kaye Sweetser took an idea from Connect '07 and made it happen. Working with Erin Caldwell of Edelman (their team on left), Kaye and a team of Campaigns students put on the inaugural Edelman Digital Bootcamp at UGA on Saturday.

My WOM class students (led by grad student Sue Burgett, pictured with Stephanie Gilmore on the left) were tasked with social media coverage of the events. I divided them into four teams of 2-2.5 hour shifts, and they decided who would do what: photo coverage on Flickr, blogging and tweeting for the EDB website, and creating and posting short video and audio interviews with participants (there are others-- you'll find links to them on the blog). I encouraged them to take on the tasks that they were least comfortable with, so in many cases you're looking at or listening to their first attempt with the technology or platform. I've gotten great feedback from the students on how much they learned by doing (Josh Hallett's quote that I'm always throwing at them). Prior to the event we reviewed conference blogging tips and Edelman's Online Behavior Policies and Procedures.
In the meantime, I participated in the educators' workshop (center photo), led by Phil Gomes and Kaye Sweeter. Kaye's already begun posting assignments that we presented, and I'll follow with mine soon.

To get a feel for the day, check out this fun video by Phil Gomes.
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