Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tools, skills and characteristics for college students to cultivate

My Word-of-Mouth Communication class's last project before spring break consisted of brainstorming about the social media tools that ad/PR students should know how to use, as well as the skills and characteristics that they should cultivate, in order to be prepared for 21st-century jobs.

Do you like what they came up with?

Social Media Tools (for themselves or their employers/clients)

Skills/characteristics to cultivate

Now there's no excuse for them not to get out and learn what they need to know! As soon as spring break ends, that is.

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I think I'm comfortable with 12/15 of the Social Media Tools and have (arguably) cultivated about 15/18 of the skills/characteristics.

Not bad, but I wonder just how many PRos can tick them all off - especially senior practitioners!
These are great Karen. Wish I had done something similar with my classes. Will do next time!
This is a wonderful starter list for new graduates looking to pursue careers in PR. I think also this is a good checklist for recruiters to have when talking with PR candidates, both new and experienced.
I'm glad you blogged this! I'm looking forward to reading more of the comments & additions to the list.

I wonder what professionals would rank as the top skills/tools to master?
Ben, Amybeth, and Lizzie. I'm not worried about any of you, you're doing just fine. ;)

Elizabeth, I had been thinking about doing a "group resume" but decided to go this route instead -- although I'm a big fan of collaborative learning, I also want them to take responsibility for their own careers.
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