Monday, March 03, 2008

Adventures in podcasting: Grady D.C. alumni luncheon

On Friday I attended a Grady alumni luncheon, hosted by Carolyn Tieger, at Porter Novelli. About 20 alumni attended, and Paul Vogelzand (Porter Novelli), Melissa Libby (she learned it all at Connect '07), and I spoke about public relations and social media.

At the beginning of the semester, I assured my WOM class students that we, including me, would all learn to podcast by the end of the semester. I made the alumni lunch my trial run. So here it is: my first podcast. :-)

Thanks to all the alums who attended, but especially my former students: Kristin (Hackler) Rosengren, Amy (Aarons) Rosen, Sheridan (Georges) Watson, and Clam Lorenz, not to mention Jeff Clark, James Rada, Meg Manthey and all the rest. They're all doing such interesting things now, and are all interested in social media-- it was definitely worth the trip.

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