Friday, February 22, 2008

Virtual guest lecture: Donna Papacosta

Tuesday's virtual guest lecture in my Word-of-Mouth Communication class was Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications in Toronto and the Trafcom News podcast. Both Donna and my students are well aware that I know next to nothing about podcasting, except that I like to listen to them. For anyone else in the same boat, here's some of what Donna had to say.

Internal communication, recruiting, training, tours, investor relations, fundraising (including using the voices of recipients), PR-marketing-sales, and conferences/symposia

Podcasts can include:
Basic steps in creating a podcast:
1. Record the audio -- in studio, over Skype, telephone remote; microphones range from $20-$3,000 and can include USB such as Snowball, a condenser mic with pre-amp or mixer, or a portable digital recorder like the Samsung Zoom H4 or Edirol R1; Hot Recorder allows you to record a Skype call
2. Edit audio -- some people record on the fly but you can also edit stumbles, redundancies with Audacity (free); use Levelator (free software) to even out the sound; can add podsafe music
3. Need a place to host your MP3 files -- such as Libsyn, GoDaddy, Dreamhost

Downloads and subscribers
Comments, trackbacks, and e-mails
Depends on your objectives

These notes don't do her discussion justice, but I'm so far behind that it's this or nothing! You can also check out all the links from her presentation.

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