Friday, February 08, 2008

Guest lecture: David Meerman Scott

My WOM class had a virtual visit yesterday from David Meerman Scott, whose book we're reading right now. He was kind enough to spend about 45 minutes explaining the old and new rules of marketing and PR and providing lots of examples of how to capitalize on the Internet (e-Books, Online Media Room, and Online New Releases in particular).

When one of the students asked if he was going to blog about us, he pointed out that he's already blogged about Robert French's students, so we're going to have to one-up them by producing an amazing "new rules" pr and marketing plan for our client, the East Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross (thanks to @ikepigott for helping me make that connection) in order to merit a mention.

Give us some time. I guarantee we'll be on Web Ink Now by the end of the semester. :-)

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WOM class? Do you have a link to a course description? Interesting... (Great!) Not very exciting if you aren't in the class (or if you are).
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