Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Breaking news: Social media bootcamp for students

Last fall at the Connect conference, some of us discussed the idea of holding a "social media bootcamp" for students. My colleague Kaye Sweetser is turning that idea into reality.

Grady College and Edelman are co-sponsoring a social media bootcamp for upper-level PR students (and educators) from around the Southeast during the first weekend in March. Kaye says the registration fee will be nominal and will include lunch and refreshments. For those who can't attend, my WOM class will be live-blogging, tweeting, flickring and so forth.

More details to come.

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If you need instructors for blogs, wikis, RSS, OPML, etc. - you can count on me.
OK, Kaye is organizing "content" this time, but I'll pass along to her.
Thanks for starting the conversation about this Karen! We are really excite about it.

Constantin: awesome offer - I'll share with the team. The format is going to be much different so I'm not sure if we are going to have outside experts. Right now we plan to run it more like a military exercise (building on that 'bootcamp' term) where the facilitators (Edelman) comes up with client scenarios then we break the attendees up into teams & run them through a mini-mock campaign.

We should have more details about the conference in the next week & will be sure to share them!
Ahh... apologies, I guess I didn't understand what "sponsored by Edelman" means :) No problem - the offer stands, in case you need any help.
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