Monday, January 07, 2008

The 8 in 2008 meme

I've been tagged by Lauren Vargas to participate in the crazy 8 for 2008 meme. As she points out, a similar meme made the rounds last summer, so I've decided to take the Gary Schlee route, although I'm sure my list won't sound as mysterious as did his. (And Gary, can I point out that this one is also going around at the start of a semester? Don't worry, I'll leave you alone this time.)

1. Munising, Michigan
2. kiddie lit
3. 1996 women's Olympic soccer (football) gold medal match
4. Buckeyes
5. Edinburgh and Honolulu
6. American Camping Association
7. McDonald's
8. Queen

My tags go to my Word-of-Mouth Communication class, meeting for the first time tomorrow... even though they don't have blogs yet.


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