Thursday, August 23, 2007

PR/social media conference update

My students are hard at work this week planning our PR and social media conference -- starting with coming up with a decent name. :-) When the Web site is up, I'll provide a link.

In the meantime, I've just about wrapped up the program. In addition to all the big names I've dropped before (click the "conference" tag if you haven't been following this) -- Kevin Dugan, Katie Paine, Josh Hallett, Constantin Basturea, Dr. Walter Carl, Paull Young, Dr. Kaye Sweetser, etc. -- we've confirmed a few more.

In an afternoon session, we'll consider social media's influence. Johnathon McGinty, Dr. Barry Hollander, Sherry Heyl, and Mike Neumeier have agreed to speak. In addition, Robert Sprague, an expert on legal aspects of social media, will join the panel of educators. Finally, my students are doing a survey of people who have signed up for the conference's list to find out what exactly people want to know about PR and social media. This will help us develop break-out sessions for "how-to" information, where the experts will teach the rest of us what we oughtta know. (Like the Web site, when the survey's ready I'll provide the link. Or you can send an e-mail to to add your name to the list.)

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I am looking forward to the conference. Thanks again for the invite!
The preliminary work is almost as exciting as the program you have planned. Looking forward to learning more about what attendees are interested in hearing about. I'm starting to kick around some ideas myself.
Yes, and you should see the enthusiasm my students bring to the planning. I'll be posting the logo and Web site they've come up with soon.
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