Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More on the Blogging Less meme

Josh Hallett has posted on "That Blogging Less Meme," when it seemed like everyone was posting about how they weren't going to be posting or explaining why they hadn't been posting at all lately. I didn't keep track of them, but I recall that Robert Scoble, John Wagner, and just today Joe Thornley posted about it -- in addition to Josh.

Our Spanish-speaking PR friends have been talking about maintaining the motivation to keep a blog. Octavio Rojas, of Weber Shandwick in Madrid, says that maintaining a blog is like writing a love letter: you have to be truly passionate for it to work. And Fernanda Grimaldi, a PR instructor in Argentina, has offered one solution: she's committing to 10 minutes a day.

As for me, I just keep plugging away. :-)

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Karen, this post really resonated with me. As I continue to learn about what blogging really means to me and what my blog means to those who read it, I find myself thinking for days about a particular post I'm planning...only to realize that I haven't blogged in too many days... And now that classes started, it's even worse. I guess I should get my act together, follow Fernanda Grimaldi's advice and your example.
Like everything in life, love is the real force to make things happen... ;)

So far I'm having fun. But I am assuming it's like other things in life: a cycle of sometimes fun, sometimes a chore. Already my motivation has changed over time; I think that's part of staying interested.
This one resonates with me, too, Karen. As I approach my 1st anniversary of blogging, I'm hearing the question my wife asks so often: Tell me again, honey, how much to they pay you to do that blog?

But if blogging is a labor of love, as Octavio says, the words will come -- or they won't. I may follow your path, using the blog more as a teaching tool than a soapbox. You've set a great example for educators, Karen.
It´s not easy. I think that as Octavio Rojas says, if you really like and love what you do it shouldn´t be so difficult. In my case I try to organize my day and almost every morning I blog. I enjoy it and although sometimes I am really busy I don´t postpone that moment.
Fernanda, it's a great approach but not everyone has your discipline! I try to keep up with reading RSS feeds and post 2-3 times a week, but sometimes the week slips away before I know it. But I do truly enjoy it, so even when I miss my target, I always come back to it.
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