Monday, July 16, 2007

I enter the world of social networking

One of my summer projects was to join the rest of the world on social networking sites like LinkedIn and MyRagan. Delighted to notice today that the latter has a PR Educators group started by my friend Suzanne Horsley, now at the University of Utah, and featuring such PR educator/blogger luminaries as Bill Sledzik, Gary Schlee, and Tim Penning. It doesn't look like they're too active lately, but then again, it is summer.


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It's only summer in your part of the world Karen, we're in the middle of winter here in the southern hemisphere! It was the coldest day for about 10 years here in Melbourne, Australia.

Great job on your blog by-the-way. I'm a lecturer at Deakin University in Australia. A journalism colleague and I have set up if you/and your students are interested. I'm really keen for more content, so if you or your students would like to do some podcasting, let me know.

Ross M
Oh my word, I've offended an entire hemisphere. :P Thanks for the reminder. And sorry about that weather.

I do read your blog, Ross, and will follow up with you on podcasting, which I've been thinking about getting into.
You are so funny!

Jump on in...we are here!
I've made similar commitments to myself, Karen, to expand my experience with the networks, but that takes time. I've added Flickr to the list, as I'd like to learn about a social network that revolves around photo sharing. It's also an easy way to show your vacation pics to friends around the globe. It's fun.

Been on LinkedIn for a while, but never worked it. Besides, I'm not seeking to expand my network. Quite the contrary.

Love what's happening at Facebook now that the grownups are taking over. I see some meaningful discussion there. Jury is out on myragan, but I'm patient.

So where does this leave blogging? In a word: neglected. Got here today because of your link! Can't keep up.
Bill: St. Lucia, the Clarion River, the Edelman summit... I'd feel a lot more sorry for you if you hadn't posted about all this. :)
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