Thursday, April 19, 2007

Faculty time management advice and tips

This may be a slight exaggeration, but I feel as if I haven't been caught up at work (or at home for that matter) since September, 2004 (not coincidentally the month my daughter was born). In desperation, I recently scoured the Internet for advice and found a few items that may be helpful to other PR faculty.

First, an article on "Time Management for New Faculty," which was written by two computer scientists but includes more generally applicable advice. Next, a list of tips for saving time in teaching, scholarship, and service -- including some useful tips on grading. Finally, an outline that especially emphasizes planning.

I could summarize all the advice, but that would take time!

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Great resources, Karen. Thanks for the help. I feel I've merely been out of control since last September. When I find the time, I'm going to pour over the links & files you've shared and try to "get on top of it".
Yes, finding the time is exactly the problem. I have a tendency to wait until it's completely out of control before I finally take some action to manage myself instead of letting everyone else manage my time!
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