Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Campaigns presentation #1

PR Campaigns is a tough class to teach. All semester the students work on preparing a plan for their clients, but the April deadline seems awfully far away when they start working in January. It seems like I spend most of my time with the teams telling them how much more work they have to do, and how they better get on it or they won't get done in time. Then April arrives and they go bonkers, spending hours and days and even all-nighters in the PR Lab to get ready for the client presentation.

Yesterday the Home Depot Foundation team presented, and they did a great job. The client called their work "very professional" and went to work right away on one of their suggestions, setting up an internship program through the Grady College. It's a lot of hard work, but at least in this class there's a payoff at the end.

Here are some of the students' thoughts: Nikki, J.L.C., Elyse, Whitney, and the one that still has me laughing, Nicole.

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Karen: congrats on not only getting another semester of students through - but managing it all while doing a FINALIST Bateman team! Amazing! Maybe in 2 weeks when grades are in you can actually ENJOY your accomplishments!
Well, only 1/3 through. Another presentation tomorrow and the third next Monday. But thanks for the thought. :)
It seems that procrastination is universal, and it creates very poor work habits that aren't viable in the real world. Some work well in groups; others cause friction. The group project teaches that much of what you accomplish in public relations depends on getting other people to do what they have agreed to do when they are supposed to do it.
Anonymous, I agree completely. If only I could tell you all I know, but there is such a thing as student confidentiality....
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