Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PR's bright future

Mike Driehorst says he's seen the future of PR, and he wants to know what the rest of us see. I'm in a pretty good position to answer that because every day I see what Josh Hallett calls the new boss: those budding practitioners we faculty affectionately call "graduating seniors."

I'm optimistic.

Several of the students in my PR Campaigns class have been writing about starting off their careers, and what they say should give us all hope. One of them talked about the importance of writing. Another looked at vlogging as a tool to reach the deaf community. Two others described their internships, one with a fashion magazine and the other with a nonprofit and a corporation, and what they learned about PR and media relations from the experience. Still another had a bad customer service experience and stopped to consider what that taught her. Last, a student reflected on PR's bad reputation and the ethical responsibility we all have in correcting it.

Mike, I can't promise they all know affect from effect, but I'm pretty sure they won't end up on the Bad Pitch Blog. :-)

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