Monday, February 05, 2007

PR blogging assignment: update

After a couple of weeks only about half my Campaigns students have started their blogs (or at least have let me know it), so I sent them a gentle reminder today with a list of links to topics I thought might interest them-- Super Bowl ads, fashion PR, job search tips, etc.

So far Kelly has shown the most initiative. Here's hoping someone will comment on her blog as a reward for her efforts. :-)

Update: Thanks, Kaye!

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Hi! I'd love to hear from students interested in Fashion PR at my blog -

Actually, I sent my students your link, which I saw on Erin Caldwell on Forward blog. So you may be hearing from them in comments or via links. Good luck with your blog!
No problem Karen! As I get the links to your students' blogs I am adding them to my RSS subscriptions so I can keep track of them all semester long! Great work getting them blogging!
Karen, I tried to post a few words of encouragement from Sunderland, UK, on Kelly's blog but she is only accepting comments from people with Google or Blogger accounts... Although I would strongly encourage students to moderate comments, you might suggest she opens up the Other option - like you do. Best of luck to all your class - I will point my PR bloggers in your direction.
Thanks for letting me know, Philip. I'm going to send out a mass email reminding them all to enable comments!
Thanks, Dr. Russell, so much for bringing that mistake to my attention! My blog now accepts comments from everyone!
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