Thursday, January 18, 2007

PR student blogs

During the next few days, my campaigns students will be creating their own blogs on public relations/communication. They are required to post at least once a week this semester, and to get an "A" for the assignment they have to get involved in the blogosphere, posting on other blogs and trying to develop a readership of their own.

I am encouraging them to consider their blogs as part of their employment portfolios. Most of them are graduating in May-- a good motivator!

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Good luck, Karen. My students have just completed a similar module. I was pleased with the results and the students seemed to gain a lot from the experience - and one got a job! I look forward to eharing how your class fares.
Karen & Philip,

Great idea! I'm launching something similar this winter, but more in the form of a group blog. That may come with its own headaches, so I'd be very interested in seeing how you folks have done and are doing this.
Thanks, Philip. I don't actually expect someone to get a job based only on their blogs, but I'm hoping they really run with it!
Gary, we aren't the first to try it. Check out Robert French's work at Auburn (link provided on my list-- Marcom blog). Also, I did a class blog last spring and here's a link to what I wrote about it:

Let me know how it turns out!
I am glad to see that Gary found this site too. I am one of the students working on the blog for Gary, so it's good to see others out there are thinking along similar lines.
Omar, welcome to the blogosphere! :)
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