Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yeah, but it's still an MSM world

1. I (well, Josh and I) introduced my students to PR 2.0.

2. I turned 'em loose to submit comments on PR blogs-- I think Jeremy, Shel and Todd got the brunt of it-- and they were nervous, so I sincerely thank them and anyone else who did so for responding. (A large number also commented on Forward, and I hope they stay involved in that community.)

3. I read their comments (they had to submit links to me). I was generally impressed. A few sounded a little naive--but hey, they are students. A learning curve is part of the deal. For the most part I thought they were thoughtful and sincere.

Coincidentally, in the past couple of days several bloggers have posted on social media's place in the PR mix or on its challenge to the way we think about doing PR. I have to say I agree with Tom Murphy: mainstream media aren't dead. Last fall I sent a mass e-mail out to former students asking about blogging in their careers. Of about 50 on the list, from 1-12 years out, all over the U.S. and in all different kinds of organizations, close to 30 replied. NOT ONE was using blogging in any way, shape or form. Given that plain fact, it would be irresponsible for me to quit spending a reasonable amount of time on MSM. But I also agree with Elizabeth Albrycht's analysis of the potential for social media to change relationships between organizations and publics, and for that reason I will continue to make sure my students are aware of both.

By the way, several students commented that the assignment was challenging or thanked me for making them stick their toes in, and believe me, that doesn't always happen!

Correction: I just heard from a former student who saw this post and wrote to let me know he's using blogs. He's in NYC working at a very large agency on a very large tech account. Glad to hear from you, Jeff!

I was wondering why I started receiving quite a few new comments on my blog as well :-)
I am not surprised by the MSM-bias. But I do think we are *approaching* a tipping point. We're not *at* the tipping point, but I see it on the horizon, just based on the response to our Social Media press release template, from client feedback (and questions), and from the fact that almost 700 journalists (and 3,000+ marketers) have downloaded our template.

I think Marketing/PR will guide MSM into this space, and the point will come when the "MSM" come to expect this type of stuff; they will want more Social Media tools incorporated into our PR processes.

Or not. I could be foolin' myself. ;)
Well, Josh, I warned you that you'd be seeing a few. I figured they'd feel like they already knew you.

And, Todd, I definitely agree that times they are a-changin', so I'll continue to teach both (or in the case of your template, a blend of each) as long as it seems to be working for my students.
Good to see some people are teaching the power of social media! I spent my post-grad year trying to get my teachers and classmates to 'get it' and only now that school has ended are they starting to come around (and get their own blogs).

Good on you!
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