Monday, April 24, 2006

The results are in...

...and the PRSSA Bateman team I advised this year received an Honorable Mention.

I'm tempted to launch into a treatise on the programs that cheat (!) in this competition--Cathy Rogers, who advises Loyola's (New Orleans) wonderful, perennially-contending teams, investigated that subject as well as the judging procedures a couple of years ago--but for people who don't know me it might sound like sour grapes. So I'll just say that the five graduating seniors on our team did all their work between January and March with no help from anyone else, came in under budget, and told nothing but the truth in their book. They also learned a lot and voluntarily came up with a list of suggestions for next year's team, which tells you something about their character.

I am incredibly proud.

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