Friday, April 14, 2006

Curriculum manifesto

Another bout with insomnia has left me with nothing to think about but the undergraduate PR curriculum at Georgia. It's virtually the same as it was 10 years ago, with the exception of an additional requirement for a research class.

Of course, individually we've changed the way we teach. Adding blogging, for instance, to the PR writing class is something I did for the first time last semester. But who says a PR writing class is necessary, or sufficient?

So I e-mailed a manifesto to my colleagues suggesting that we toss everything out and build a new curriculum from scratch. Now I have to wait for everyone else to wake up so I can find out what they think!

can't wait to read more about it!
Very interesting. I love it. I love to see people step out against the status quo. I'm a senior at Auburn University and our school is making major changes to keep up with the fast paced world of PR. We're diving in head first to social media and what that looks like for PR practioners. I must say, it's been very interesting. Some students complain about the blogging or the difficult software that we learn, but i think those complaints are ridiculous because when we walk off this campus we will be a notch above the rest of young PR people. I'm tired of taking classes where i know my way around technology better than the teacher. It's ridiculous that schools are wasting the students' time and money teaching them things that are outdated!
I agree with biscuet. I am a student a Gordon College in Barnesville. Many of our graduates later attend UGA. I am extremely glad to see that at least some faculty in Athens are thinking about the future in regards to PR. Auburn is already a step ahead though... Mr. French has something quite remarkable going on down there. I think it’s incredible that more college institutions do not focus on new technology and how that technology will directly impact their instructional effectiveness and subjects.

Oh, and I think you've got the Quan Karen Russell--watch Jerry Maguire again.
Okay, so I had to Google "quan jerry maguire" but now that I did, thanks, Justin!
Hey Karen! I enjoyed your post about a late night light switch that went off for you about the curriculum at Georgia. I am currently a junior at Auburn University and am required to blog five times a week. It is part of the curriculum in public relations for two different classes. The way classes are taught vary every year depending on the teacher. We have different teachers who teach the same class and depending on which teacher you take, students get a different outlook and experience.
I think the curriculum everywhere, no matter what university you are at, should be changed to adapt to changing times and ways. The internet is an essential part of everyday life now and is used in class almost everyday. Ten years ago, this was not the case. Not everyone had computers or access to one. Technology is always changing and students should be exposed to those changes. I am looking forward to a future post about what happens with your idea.
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"More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given" --Bertrand Russell

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