Friday, June 29, 2007

Tips for international student job searches

Not long ago an international student asked me for some tips on searching for jobs in the United States. I consulted another former student, George, who was then working in California (but has since moved back to Japan), and he provided some good advice that I thought might be useful to other students.

1. Don't limit your search geographically. George applied for a job in Atlanta but was sent to the company's California office.
2. Look for jobs in the want ads in the foreign language press and on Websites for people [from whatever country you're originally from] now living in the U.S. If an organization is looking for a bilingual speaker, that's where they'll advertise.
3. Search for jobs in cities that have large international populations -- they are more likely to be open to international employees.
4. Do all the things an American student would do: post your resume on the Internet, use the career center, etc.
5. Make sure the job offers visa support before you get too far into the interview process. You can work on your student visa for only a short time before you need a work permit. George says most recruiters are knowledgeable about this.
6. Check with the international student office of your college; they can also provide help with visas.

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