Monday, December 31, 2007

The Week's Best, 31 December 2007

On the last day of this year, some of these recommended posts are looking forward. Here's to a happy 2008!

The Shortest 2008 Trend Prediction Ever...Two Words, Rohit Bhargava
Ten Social Media Wishes for 2008, Geoff Livingston
Twitter, Beth Kanter
Social Media Training Wiki (via Dave Fleet)
The Lazy Worker's Guide to Office Politics, Gavin Heaton (via Kevin Dugan)
Landing Your First Public Relations Job, Espen Skoland

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It sure took Rohit a long time to expound on those "two words" for his '08 prediction. :)

Happy New Year!
True, but you're more likely to click through if you think it's only two words. I call it good blog headline writing. ;-) (Just kiddin', Rohit, I love your stuff!)
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